Anonymous said: hi. so, lately, i've been feeling really guilty. for some strange reason, my bieber fever is just not as strong as it used to be, and i think its because i've started to like one direction. don't get me wrong, i'm free to like whoever i want, but i just really want to love justin the same way. please please help me.

kay, where should I start?

First off I respect 1D and kinda like their music, and I have friends who like them both, but like how can you stop loving Justin? if you stop loving him the thing is you never did. HE’S HE I mean for me he’s perfect, I’m so proud of him, just thinking of everything he has accomplished its like wow. 

Just look at him…

Justin Drew Bieber. It’s hard to remember when that name wasn’t relevant. Like literally, let’s take a trip way way back to when Justin Bieber wasn’t a famous name at all. This kid, Justin Bieber, lived in a town called Stratford and sat outside of the Avon Theatre in Stratford busking for money singing his heard out with his less than excellent guitar. 

Then now… 

His new album Believe is just about ready to hit the shelves in the US, and he’s been performing world wide, free shows that attract thousands along with shows that sold out in minutes with fans crying because they weren’t lucky enough to get seats in time. And just a few years later since the time he was busking out on the streets in his hometown, he performed a show in Mexico City. But not just any show. A show with a crowd of 300,000 people. Three hundred THOUSAND. 

Three hundred thousand people showed up to see the kid who was once busking out on the street. Three hundred thousand people showed up for the kid who was once 5 feet tall and playing to 15 people at a radio station, with that one song, One Time. It’s crazy to think all of that can happen for one person in a few years. It may be crazy, but he deserves it. And I couldn’t be more proud. 

The point here is that you can’t stop loving him you just can’t he’s so much, so just put your shit together and done. If thinking in that amazing boy and this journey that its just beginning doesn’t work, then just gtfo

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